“The computer was born to solve problems that did not exist before”
– Bill Gates

Charles Babbage is known as “the Father of Computers”.  He created machines that could make tables and complete mathematical calculations faster than humans could do.

R1Computers accelerate the development of Science and Technology all over the world.  Computers find their use in many places from home to the moon.  It is very essential to learn about computers.

Computers are absolutely vital in today’s global atmosphere and technology plays a pivotal role with each passing day, thanks to the boom of the internet.

The core objective of the club is to enable the students to understand and apply the underlying principles of computer science to a variety of domains and to create awareness of the usage of various applications with different softwares.The Charles Babbage Club was inaugurated on 23rd June 2015 by Mr. Sri Prakash from EZVidya.

r2The students reinforced their computer skill by doing various projects.  These projects  build and strengthen their capabilities.  They are able to apply the tools contentually based on themes. These activities provide a hands on experience of tools which have been learnt theoretically.

M.S. Paint, Tux Paint, M.S.Word, M.S. Power Point, M.S.Excel, M.S. Access, Windows Movie Maker, Photostory, HTML, C, C++, Photoshop.The Charles Babbage Computer Club conducted various inter-house competitions to showcase the skills of students in the given software.

Category Std. Topics
I I & II Draw any five funny faces using different shapes and stamps.
II III – IV Presentation on wild life.
III VI – VIII a)     Presentation on “Turn Off Keep On” (conservation of electricity”)

b)    Design a Gadget (utility in day to day life)

IV IX & X a) Documentary on “World Cup 2015”

b) Design a sports day invitation card.

V XI – XII Creating a Carbon Story.

On March 4th 2016, the Club had a presentation –Techmate 2016, showcasing the activities done throughout the year, Students from class VI – IX actively participated in it.

In today’s fast changing world, technology is imperative to keep a finger on the pulse.  We ,at N.S.N. feel confident that we will conquer new frontiers and equip our students to carve a niche for themselves in the field of computers.