Female_User-512Throughout our lives we come across the necessity of making choices. We must keep in mind that the choices we take bear certain responsibilities and consequences. Choices are meant to be made at the appropriate time. Right decisions tend to obtain only the good things out of the choices made. But what if our choices go wrong? What if we get stuck in the middle? So, be aware that some wrong choices made, can turn out to be disastrous. Rather than pushing yourself and worrying about the future outcomes, try building a heart which is stable enough to face breakdowns. Acquiring complete knowledge of selecting the right choices every time does seem impossible. But with experience and exposure, one attains a state of choosing the right decision. Analyzing the choices and predicting the outcomes showcases our growth. Learn from your mistakes in the past and you will become more aware and less vulnerable to the consequences of the choices you make. Choices we take will build up the path we travel in life.
-S.T. Ashika Mary, XII A

Our choices and decisions guide our lives and build our future whether people notice it or not. The choices we make today, whether big or small will forever affect our future. Once the choices have been made we have to face the consequences and live with it. The choices are ours to make and we as citizens have to be strong and make best choices to be happy.
Every person needs to be brave enough to make their own choices and realize the consequences of those choices, be strong to live with it and be happy with their choices. Don’t let others make choices and guide your life. The freedom of choice lies with you.
-D. Mabel Praylin Deborah, XII A

Many people wonder whether their lives revolve around the choices they make. We make choices more than once on a daily basis, right from when to wake up, what to wear, what things to carry with us, how to reach the school on time and so on. What we must understand is that, we must be ready to accept the consequences and responsibilities that are caused due to the choice we make. Everyone in this world is responsible for who he is today. It is a well known fact that, if we make a wrong choice in life, we end up in a bad state. The human psychology is such that when a person ends up in a bad state, he tends to blame others and most of the time is afraid to take responsibility for it. Not all of our choices are good. Some are even bad. This is where the
trouble comes in. We think, if some of my choices are good and some are bad, what’s going to happen with my life?” Nothing’s going to happen. We must analyse and consider the options and make the right choice so that we won’t be regretting the choice we made. We are just 16 or 17 and we have so much future ahead of us. We must not give up hope because our choice designs our future. We are the ones who will determine our future, what we become and our status in life. The choices and decisions we make pave the road for our future. So it’s always good to switch over to the right path with determination in life when we come to know that we
have made a wrong choice and are in a bad path.
-M. Divya, XII A

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