My cousin’s name is Meenakshi. She is older than me. She is a good girl but at times she will fight with me. She will help me in my studies and also play with me. When I am sad she will do funny things and make me happy.




I have four cousins. I enjoy a lot with them. Cousins are real fun. During the last summer holidays we all went to Queensland. There we went on many rides. If I had gone with my parents,

I would not have enjoyed so much. I ask God sometimes, why He did not make them my own siblings.

-Anuvarshini. K.S



I have eleven cousins. My cousins always beat me, but I love my cousins. I go to my cousin’s house and I love to be there. During the holidays we went to the circus , enjoyed a lot and we also went to the children’s park and played there. When my cousins come to my house there will be so much noise and fun and I feel very happy to be with my cousins.

-Ifan Khan. F



I have three cousins. I will go to my cousins’ house during my school vacation. I will play and go out with them. One of my cousins is very naughty, but my other two cousins are very good. One of them likes to play games, the other likes to watch television and my third cousin likes to read books. I am waiting for my next vacation to be with my cousins and have fun.

-Lakshanya. A.S



When I go to my cousins’ house, I will play hockey and video games with them and enjoy there. They call me by my pet name Kuttima. I love them so much. Their names are Amloo and Babloo. Amloo akka is studying in ninth standard and Babloo akka is studying in college. Whenever I need help Amloo akka and Babloo akka will help me. I talk to them about my friends and school. I love them and they also love me.

-Pradeepa. S



I have two marvellous cousins. Each time we visit our uncle’s house during vacation, we’ll give a surprise gift  to them. Every Sunday my uncle will take my sister, me and my cousins to our favourite Saral Swimming pool. My cousins are just learning to swim, and I cannot swim with the glass we wear when we swim. It’s fun to be with my cousins. I LOVE MY COUSINS.

-Harini. J



If it is a small family we cannot enjoy much but in a big family we can enjoy with our cousins and have lot of fun. There is happiness when we share and play with them. I feel very happy talking to my cousins and relatives. I enjoy playing my favourite games, hide and seek and carrom with my cousins. I and my cousins like to hear our grandparents tell us stories. I love to be with my cousins and have fun.

-Vijayalakshmi. K


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