Female_User-512“Lots of work to do tomorrow,” I said to myself and kept the brush in the stand and went to bed. That was the night before the examination. Sleep was seen as an untouchable goal. Suddenly, my father came inside andtold me good night and asked me to forget about everything and have a peaceful sleep. After sometime, I felt a sudden change in temperature. I opened my eyes and I was shocked to see that I was trapped by the black hole of the sun. I shouted in a loud voice, but there was pin drop silence. I could not breathe and my eyes turned blue. Suddenly a beam of light passed through me and I was surprised that I was able to breathe. The temperature reduced as I moved away from the sun. It was a nice and pleasant atmosphere. I looked around and saw many white colour mustards in the sky. Some creature with a strange tail moved here and there and I was able to see four huge ball-like structures. I observed all the structures. It was like a Physics laboratory. I went near the first ball and it was too hot. I went to the next and I saw that it was slightly cooler. So, I decided to examine it. I went nearer and it was like a fish market with lot of dust and smoke and it was like hell. Suddenly, my slippers floated in the sky. I kept trying to catch it, but saw a huge creature come in front of me. Its face was blurred. A beam of light appeared. He was having a sword in his hand and came near me. I screamed and woke up to see my father standing near my bed. He said “Rush up my boy! The time is 8.15”. The whole day I thought about the condition of our planet and I wanted to make a revolution. Hope I will do it!!!
-R. Aravindhakshan, X A

I was travelling in a space shuttle attired in a space suit. I felt like an astronaut. I was millions of miles away from my home planet – ‘The Earth’. Then I saw the beautiful scenic view of space which was much similar to the Earth’s natural beauty. The milky way galaxy resembled a beautiful lake with constellations of stars like fishes and huge planets like mountains. The only liason was the sun which was bright and beautiful. I was so close to the Sun that I could probably touch it. I was so amazed to see the weird “Extra-Terrestrials”. I talked to them and surprisingly they understood my language and responded. I became friends with them and we had a very good time. We went shopping in ‘Galaxo-Avenue.’ I bought two new space suits. Then we ate ‘Spaco-cream’ which was similar to the ice-cream available here. We went to an amusement park named ‘Space Land’. I rode a robot horse and went in a giant wheel. I heard my mother’s voice asking me to come. I bade bye to my space-friends and eventually returned. While returning something hit my vehicle and I woke up. I realized it was ‘an amazing dream’.
-Priyanka. S, X A

It was a beautiful night. I was able to see the stars twinkling around me, the moon was shining bright. I saw all the planets. They were very big. Soon the place became very bright. I was able to feel the heat from the sun as I passed it. I saw the tallest mountains as I passed the Mars. I also saw asteroids when I passed Jupiter.
As I passed Saturn, I saw its many colourful rings that added beauty to it. After moving from there the place was very, very cold and only then I realized that I was in the midst of Uranus and Neptune. I touched them and I saw different colours of light sparkling everywhere. Soon I found myself on the way to space. I began to wonder if I was the only creature there. Then suddenly, I saw a strange group of people approaching me. I was scared, but they spoke to me and offered to take me to inner space. As it was already late I had to move from there. When I was on my way my home I saw the Mars Orbiter Mission. I was really excited and hoped it would succeed. I reached home safely. I heard the sound of the alarm and only then I realized that it was all a dream. I will always remember my beautiful journey into space. Can this be possible or will it be just a dream??? I know one day my dream will become real!!!
-G. Sowmiya, X A

A vivid imagination gives a wide range of knowledge. Creating and exploring things, made this universe. Now it is my turn to see this world. “A journey to the space…” The world is full of joy and excitement, waiting for 2014 FIFA World Cup Finale. It was 1:00 am on July 14,
2014. I was watching the match expecting Lionel Messi to strike the goal. At the end of both half time (90:00 min), extra time was given, people expected Argentina to lift the trophy but Goetz, the game changer from Germany gave a gook kick. “Germans were crowned the champions
Downs and tears for Argentina.” I went to sleep at 4.30 am after the prize winning ceremony. I could only take a short nap as I wanted to wake up at 5.30 am.It was a full moon day, I went to the terrace of my house accompanied by my brother. I was taken to the Black screen milky way galaxy. A large area, perfect place for silence; created a sign for glorious habitat. A spherical ball with green and blue coloured surface. It is my place, my habitat, my livelihood. “The Earth.”
I went around the earth. The sun was so big and gigantic. I couldn’t even imagine. The moon was revolving around me and the earth. A precious moment with timeless ending. Mother Earth spoke to me, I was taken aback. She started saying with a lovely smile on her face, “Come on my child! You are my future.” The clock struck six, my dad was calling my name. I woke up. I realized that it was a dream but I can remember the words spoken by Mother Earth “You are my future.” Then I thought I should make this world a better place to live in.
-R. Niraimathi, X B

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