Joy of Writing by YASHO SWATHI

Words can do wonders. Writing gives a blissful feeling, which not everyone can understand because when I write I feel like I’ve been transported to a different world, the one which I rule with my imagination. My world, where no one can control me. I feel free, elated when I write. So, I write all the time. My journal is filled with my stories from almost every day. I took my love for writing to a next step a couple of months ago which is the best decision I’ve ever made.

I decided to write a book, a simple classic fiction. the story plot is so simple and common but still I had this little excitement in me to write a book, as I started to write, after an hour or two I was done with the characters and the basic plot. Now I need audience, readers to read my story. few months ago, I started reading books from an app, books written by random people and books read by random people. I wrote my book in that app. I updated a couple of chapters first, just 5-6 reads and 2 votes. But I wasn’t disappointed and wrote more chapters. Slowly my reads and votes increased and so did my happiness. Slowly people started supporting me, giving positive comments, they motivated me to write more, my friends from the app were so supportive. My friends especially faiza, ayesha, miki were my backbone and helped me a lot. 

I’ve never expected this kind of support from people to write a book. I wrote that book because I love to write and seeing so many people supporting me, just made me want to write more, made my passion for writing grow more and I realized “I may not be the best  in writing, but I’am doing my best and people like it”. Now I’ve updated 25 chapters of my book and I have 820 reads and 500 votes. this shows how much progress I’ve made and that really made me happy and satisfied.  I do read other people’s books and sometimes I feel like I’m not good enough, but I never gave up. I keep giving my best, and I will always do my best no matter what. And this not just for me, this is for everyone out there. Everyone has their passion on something, some take it up as their profession, some take it as their hobby, some might not even know where their passion lies. But everyone does have their passion for something. You might wonder you’re not good at it or sometimes you even think about giving up. but don’t ever do that. Whatever I’m going to become tomorrow, I’ll never give up on writing because writing’s my passion.