An old age home is usually a home for those old people who have no one to look after them or those who have been thrown out of their homes by their children. All their necessities are well looked after but, the much-needed love and care of loved ones is of course sadly missing, for how can outsiders provide solace? In these homes, it is very interesting and even touching to talk to people whether they are men or women. At least in India till now, the concept of old people staying away from their homes, from their children, or left to themselves is not considered to be a very happy situation. This concept of separating the elders from the youngsters has been imported into India from the west. The only solace is that, they get their daily requirements of shelter and food, if not the bonds of love from family, which is most required and for which they crave for, at their age. The attitude of women has also largely contributed to the removal of elders from families. With this drawback, the necessity for old age homes was felt and is being increasingly felt with the passage of time. The entire spectrum of circumstances had led to this unhappy need for old age homes.

-S.A. Hariprasad, VII B

We in this beautiful world are blessed with our grandparents, parents, brothers and sisters. We should give respect to our parents and grandparents, in turn, we will be blessed and booned with regards and gifts. Our parents and grandparents in the olden days used to sit together along with the members of the family and communicate with each other all the good and bad things happening in and around them. They used to eat together sitting on the floor sharing and serving the food to elders and younger ones of the family. Mother would serve food to the father, grandfather, grandmother and even to the children. At last, mother would have food and then close the dinner time with satisfied feelings of happiness. But now-a-days, all the families are nuclear families which means – no grandfather or grandmother but only parents and child or children who may not be aware of sharing. This is because each and every parent is working and does not come home on time. So they send their grandparents to the old ages homes without

any feeling of love and affection in their mind. They are showing a wrong way of sending their parents to the home, which is a ‘sin’ in this world and in turn it will be replaced by their children in future who will treat them in a similar manner. Therefore it is very important that we don’t hurt our parents when they become old. We should shower all our love on them and show gratitude for all that they have done for us.

-Leela. A, VII C

Life is so difficult at an old age home. Our elders nourished us, made us capable to live in this society, did hard work and earned money to give us proper education. In spite of all this we become very ungrateful and  leave them in old age homes. It would be very difficult for them to manage the pain of separating from their loved ones. They mingle with other old people but can never overcome the pain of separation. They try to forget the great grief of sorrow and try to start a new life full of joy. They get proper medical facility but when they get ill no one will be with them to serve them. We know how very difficult it would be for them to manage all the problems alone. They make friends and start a new life. They would love to discuss or play with their grand children but would not get a chance to play with their grand children in the old age home. Don’t send your parents to old age home, because if you do this it may also happen to you. Respect, love and live a happy life!

-Nehal Jain VII A

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