“So I say

Thank you for the music, the songs I’m singing.

Thank you for all the joy they’re bringing.

Who can live without it?

I ask in all honesty

What would life be?

Without a song or a dance, what are we?

So, I say thank you for the music

For giving it to me.”

Hmmm…. These words from the song “Thank You for The Music” by Abba says everything and it doesn’t need any special explanation. Yes! It emphasizes the prominence of music. Music acts as a healing therapy and this is accepted by people of all ages. They agree that listening to their favorite song instantly lights up their mood no matter how gloomy they were. Music travels through our ears and it connects straight to our heart. It also helps people in reminiscing their nostalgic days. We often notice our parents jumping in joy, the instant they get to hear any songs they grew up listening to in their childhood. Music helps us to relax and clear our mind. Also, it succeeds in acting as a mediator to connect us with the lyrics conveying its meaning beautifully. It is quite common to notice people who admire their favorite musician or band a lot group together to form a loyal fandom that idolizes them. This connects people around the world. 

When I was in my kindergarten, my father would take videos of me singing nursery rhymes. Every time I watch those videos, it never fails to bring a smile on my face. The enthusiasm that I possessed then would always light me up. My family always had the habit of listening to English songs, especially to those of Abba and Michael Jackson. I would blabber along with the lyrics of that song trying to mimic the singers. I enrolled myself to a music class and started learning keyboard lessons. On the day of my grade exam, I was very nervous. When my name was called, I entered the room and got to witness the man who would be my examiner. He didn’t seem intimidating, but I could sense that he was a person with profound knowledge in music. I started playing the keyboard and I vividly remember playing a music piece named “Greensleeves”. I was immersed in playing that I didn’t care to notice anything around me. After completing that song, the examiner appreciated me a lot citing how he enjoyed the way in which I delivered the song. I was happy on getting to hearing such words from an expert. But guess what, I was blown away by my result. Actually, I had scored full marks for that piece of music. It really meant a lot and made me understand my capability. My sister is the one who inspired me to take up music. I’ve always had a desire to sing, but often I end up feeling insecure assuming that I’m a terrible singer ever. Slowly, listening to few English songs with my sister, I got familiar with them. Every time when she comes to home from school, she finishes her schoolwork and then turns on the computer and raises the volume playing songs. She’s a big fan of Taylor Swift and she used to collect all the news clippings of her favorite celebrities, especially Taylor Swift. Such was her craze. Even I used to make fun of her for it.

Growing up, my English skills were terrible, and I stumbled to speak. So, my mom and sister advised me to develop my English somehow. I slowly started listening to English songs. I began listening to this famous boyband One Direction and I became a big fan of them in such a way that every friend of mine knew that I loved them. As a consequence, I was introduced to other two bands Little Mix and 5 Seconds of Summer. These 3 artists strived to make their fans happy with their music. Through social media, the fandom of a band can connect and interact with different fans of other bands and musicians around the world. One common sight is the fights among those fandoms. I know every single song from One Direction, Little Mix and 5 Seconds of Summer. These 3 bands are my biggest inspiration and it is a huge dream of mine to meet these people once in my life. I will tell them how much I love them and how they had helped me through their music. I would never forget that I used to own a fanpage for these 3 groups on Instagram. It eventually consumed most of my time and I was not able to concentrate properly on my studies. Finally, I had to delete that since my mom persisted me to do something beneficial and focus on my studies instead. Clearly, my mom was not impressed with what I did but personally it was an amazing experience to have had a fanpage for my favorite singers and interacting with their fans around the world. Most of them ended up creating a virtual friendship, but I snapped out of it as it  made me wonder if I would get influenced in the wrong ways. I didn’t create that fan page just for the sake of fame or to brag about having numerous followers. I had it for showing my unconditional love and support to my favorite celebrities. I still remember persuading my mom to get me one of the One Direction books I found in a bookstore and I finally got it as my birthday gift. I remember singing two of my favorite One Direction songs in two events. The first time took place when I was in my 10th grade when Megha Bajaj mam conducted a Wow Session for us in my school and she called any two volunteers to come upon the stage. My friend encouraged me to go up there and I did end up going onto the stage. She asked me to sing any English song I knew well and then I started to sing “What makes you beautiful”. She was happy to hear me singing and my friends appreciated me for my confidence to go and sing on stage. The second experience was during 11th grade. My English teacher conducted an activity for one of the supplementary lessons we had to learn. I did a solo performance singing “Story of My life” and my classmates liked it. It was an experience I would never forget. Whenever a special occasion comes like Teacher’s day, Children’s day, etc. the whole classroom sings a song, and this brings great joy within me. One of my classmates is fluent in whistling and she always whistles songs and they would always sound perfect. Even some people have got the habit of making music by tapping the bench similar to those of drumbeats, singing “When I’m Gone” by using a cup for the beats. During vacation times, my sister uses to teach me how to do a Capella and I used to play keyboard whenever I’m free. I go crazy whenever I hear any of my favorite song being sung by any music band during the band competition in my school cultural. By frequently listening to all types of music, with different languages, it helped me to develop my taste in music in a healthy way. Music has a unique influence on human psyche. It has the ability to regulate our wide range of positive and negative emotions. Music set our moods by certain tempo, lyrics and beats of that song and it connects with our emotions easily. Not everyone has the same taste in music. Some people tend to recollect the incident which they’ve gone through and they connect with that music they listen to. Even I’ve experienced this. Everyone loves Music and there are none who hates music. No matter if the language of the particular music is different, but the tempo and instruments used I’m that music will sound good. There are different reasons as to why people listen to music. Some may sense the lyrics and get inspired while some listen for the sake of music background. Music can be listened by anyone at any time. Bob Marley quoted, “ONE GOOD THING ABOUT MUSIC, WHEN IT HITS YOU, YOU FEEL NO PAIN”. This quote simply explains everything. It helps us to lessen our anxiety and it is one of the good remedies to relax our self. Even Beethoven said, “MUSIC IS MEDITATOR BETWEEN SPIRITUAL AND SENSUAL LIFE”. These quotes really inspire me a lot and indeed my day is incomplete without music.

With regards,

S.T. Anisha Elizabeth


NSN Mat. Hr. Sec. School, 

Chromepet, Chennai – 44