That moment that changed my life

It was yet another usual day, same boring classes were going on – physics session. My teacher was teaching about logic gates, “Isn’t that computer science?”, I thought. But if she is explaining then it must be a physics topic too., I sat there feeling really sleepy. All I wished to do in that moment was put my head on the desk and fall asleep. As if the teacher read my mind, she said she’s done for the day and she let us free. As I anticipated, she started speaking about random school stuff that I didn’t bother listening to. But the word “exams” caught my attention and I listened to my teacher who was telling us about our tightly packed exam schedules which starts from December and ends on March with my 12th board exams. As I heard the timetables of endless exams that follows one after the other, my mind filled with fear and stress. I was doubting myself, if I could even write these many exams. I turned around and looked at my friends who were also discussing about these exams. All of them shared their views about it which was as expected “I’m scared” and “How are we even going to study 2 volumes of books” but one of them looked at us and said “Did you guys realize that our school life is almost over? We cannot even see each other from December…”

Her words struck me like an arrow, and I froze. They continued the conversation, but I couldn’t hear because my mind seemed to be blurred. I just couldn’t believe that my school life is over. it’s going to be over in a blink of an eye. I couldn’t make up my mind. For so many years I was in the safe environment with my friends who I love so much. The thought of leaving them made me sad. tears welled up as I stared into the distance feeling blue. I didn’t want this to end so soon. I didn’t want anything to change. it was childish to ask that, but I really didn’t want anything to change. At that moment all I wished was to relive all those school days. I closed my eyes and started to think about the first day in my school, how nervous I was and how easily I made friends in just a few days, the funny times during the class, PT periods, boring classes, the way I conversed with my friend in the exam hall, all the snacks we had in the small shop near our school, lunch being shared in the breaks, correspondent session, bunking classes with friends, kalamela, annual day, sports day, project day, teachers day, children’s day and so much more. All those moments flashed before my eyes and I found myself being so happy in those moments. Those smiles on my friends’ faces, my smile, our laughs, our happy moments made me smile once again. At that moment I realized that yes the end of my school life is near, yes I’m going to see all my friends going down on different paths. Yes, I’ll miss them so much. but I can never forget them. they are my golden memories in a box called school life. I have yet so many boxes that are to be filled. So instead of being sad, I need to be happy for myself and for my friends, that we have an amazing life to lead, we have our dreams to be pursued. so, I’m going to be positive and excited to go out of my comfort zone, to explore the world and make new happy memories. At that moment I realized that life is not just in the walls of my school or the comforts that I get from there, but life is so much more, and to know i about to explore the world. So I stopped cribbing about the end of my school life but I was excited to join college and so much more I can explore in the future. Life should be lived at that moment. Thinking about the past isn’t going to make it happier. I realized that I have an amazing future to explore and I’m ready for it.

article from Yashoswathi. S