Appreciation is the purest form of gratitude. To appreciate and to be appreciated are two different things. It is the “gateway” drug for those of us who struggle with relationships and are nowhere close to feelings like optimism and happiness. The word “appreciation” looks smaller from outside, but it can help us achieve anything if used properly. It is one of the most powerful words for motivating someone.

Appreciating someone’s effort is an act that proves one’s character, shows that a person is living down to earth. As Mahatria says, “I will take every opportunity to show others that they are better than they think they are”. We should be grateful enough to make someone feel good about themselves at every cost. It can help create those much-needed links between the neurons in our brain without causing us to lock up in fear of having to praise someone.

I remember when I used to be an introvert girl. I am good at creating artworks and doodling. Not so professional though. Our teachers used to call me and few of my friends who are good at the same. We created chart works and stuffs for their cupboards. This was constantly happening. We didn’t know that we’re going to hit a home run. One fine day, our school Principal approached us and gave us the opportunity to work on our school backdrop and ambience for an upcoming celebration. We took up the responsibility. We gave our best and our plans came out excellently well. On the day of celebration, the whole school was glowing up bright with all beautiful colors. Our school looked like an art gallery in toto. We felt super happy and proud of our own creation. Seeing this, our Principal called us on to stage and appreciated us in front of the whole school. From that incident, everybody started recognizing us. We received all words of appreciation like, “congrats”, “well done”, “excellent work” and so many more. It was absolutely an awesome feeling of getting appreciated by all. “On top of the world”, that’s the exact phrase to define how we felt. We did not stop there. We were ignited to create more good things and are practicing it till now. Still grateful to all those people who appreciated us and made us grow.

We create something and when we get appreciated, we create even more better things. This is how it works, isn’t it? Appreciation is a key to contribute to the other person’s growth. A small word of praise can put a smile in that person’s face.

Everybody in this world expects to get appreciated for what they do. Even for a petty thing we do, if we don’t get appreciated, it turns out to be annoying. It makes me sad that in this world, there exist few people who don’t get appreciated by others for their good works and are questioning their own worth and ability. For those people out there, who are feeling this way, you need to know that nothing in the universe is as strong as Self Esteem.

Not everybody will have the patience to appreciate things, not everybody will be pleased by your work. Everybody except YOU. It’s all in how you perceive things. Never get discouraged for not receiving appreciation. Always look on the brighter side. Before anyone could appreciate you, you appreciate yourself first. Love and praise yourself. According to me, that is the real Art of Appreciation. One day you’ll be known by the world and praised for what you are. 

– Kanisga.S