Life is about opportunities and how well we make use of it. It’s not that the happiest of people have the best of everything, it depends on how well we make the most of it that comes our way. Our mind is the author of the so-called destiny and success of our life. One might get exposed to many opportunities but only one of those plenty opportunities brings about an amazing chance in one’s life if it’s prudently and courageously utilized. At times, we ignore or give little importance, but the result is that we end up repenting.

There was one such instance in my life. When I was in UKG, I was selected to convey the Welcome Address speech on the Kindergarten Graduation Day. I was thorough with the script and I remember narrating the whole thing to my relatives through mobile phone. But when I was instructed to say the same to my Correspondent ma’am, I started trembling and I put myself in a state where I couldn’t recall the script due to nervousness and eventually I was replaced.

Since then, I always wanted to do something, something so big! I was waiting for one such opportunity to prove my worth to let know people what I am really capable of. I was all prepared to hear the call of opportunity that may come at any moment.

There came one such day. A big day indeed! I was selected from hundreds of students to convey the Welcome Address speech on the 50th Annual Sports Meet of our school. I geared up for the big day. Initially I was quite nervous though – I’ve been there to many speech competitions yet this one had its own significance. But once I stepped on to the dais where the special dignitaries were seated, I was pretty confident to pull it off well. I gave my best and exhaled a sigh of relief. As I stepped off the dais, it was raining appreciation on me. 

A week later my Correspondent ma’am called and appreciated me, wished me best of luck and showered blessings on me. She told me, “Gayathiri, you were amazing and the way you conveyed it was so realistic. I’m sure you’ll come up in life with flying colors.” It was the day I was longing for. Whoa! What a feeling’ it was! Unbelievable. One of the best days encountered in my life! I was over the moon. I was totally delighted and head over heels, rejoicing that I’d etched my name in the hearts of people.

Build a door if the opportunity doesn’t knock. It’s only possible if you have the will power and self-confidence. Be prepared. Never quit nor lose your hope at any cost. Develop the fire within you, seize the moment and make the most and more of it and that’s when you get to realize the purpose of your life.

I’ve heard people saying, “Destiny is a mysterious force” but such are the mystical powers of you. The self-mastery you exhibit each time is so stupendous that, it more often doesn’t get overshadowed.   



NSN, Chitlapakkam