The society and its voices try to persuade us but finding what defines you is in your hands and not in anyone else’s. People will never stop judging but be strong enough to not care.

 In this techno-savvy generation, our world revolves around social media and its standards expected from us. Being a teenager myself, I have gone through the pains of being judged for being me, for not being perfect enough, for not being girly enough, for not being thin or fat enough, for not being social enough, for not being under the “socially accepted” category.

That is when we start changing ourselves for the things that the society craves. From putting tons of makeup to cover our blemishes, faking smiles just because we want to feel accepted, developing eating disorders because of the pressure to look like the magazine models, shutting our opinion because our “reputation” comes first, changing ourselves to be the humans that the society expect.

In the words of Malala “When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful”. Be that voice. For yourself and for the thousands around the world craving to be accepted.

All the silly expectations from the society, it does not matter. What matters is being you and loving yourself. It is okay to be a little childish, it is okay to look slim or chubby, it is okay to have marks and scars , it is okay not to look “insta perfect”, it is okay to be imperfect, it’s okay to be you.  Maybe you can one day change the way you look at yourself and change the way the world looks at you. And one day you can change the “maybes” to an “I can”. I can be whatever I wish to be. I can be the one brave enough to accept my true self, inspite of all the expectations and pressures put on me, I can be ME.

It is not a “can I?” question. It is – “I can” answer. And give it to yourself when you need it the most and it will give you the solution. It makes the real you.

Remember that the society doesn’t define who you are, the social media doesn’t define who you are, your friends or family doesn’t define who you are.

Only YOU define who YOU truly are.

-Adishree Ajith