Ishita Achary of Std. III is an ardent reader and a passionate writer. Her passion for writing began when she was in UKG and this motivated her to write articles for magazines when she was in I and II. Her exceptional writing skill propelled her to achieve more and she wrote the story of Ramayana in just 57 pages. This was a turning point in Ishita’s life as she was recognized by the India Book of Records 2020 for being the youngest to achieve this feat. Her phenomenal writing skill and relentless reading habit paved the way for her success. NSN schools are proud of her achievements and wish her the most and more!!!


A famous saying goes by, “Take chances when you are young so that you can tell stories when you are old”. Yuvan Pranav of Std. VII is a budding author who lives by this saying. He is a voracious reader and a phenomenal writer. His fondness for reading paved the way to enhance his vocabulary and develop his interest in writing. He embarked on his writing journey when he was in class IV.  He wrote a collection of 15 short stories of various genres. What began as a casual interest became a breakthrough moment when he published this collection as a book in 2017. The young author continued his passion for writing and published his second book titled “A Little Step into Poem” in 2021. It is a collection of 20 remarkable poems that are inspired from his life. He is an inspiration to all the budding authors who are waiting for their chance to meet this world.

The Shining Star Football Federation of India took player s from its club to China for the Gothia Cup China 2017. Rupesh. L of VII-B, a 11year old, studying at N.S.N. School, Chitlapakkam, was  one among the ten participants who represented India in the International level football game against China at Shenyang. The participants played with enthusiasm and zeal and won 3 matches against the Chinese football team that was held between August 9th & August 23rd, 2017. Rupesh is a determined individual who is fully committed to the sport and plays with tremendous dedication.