The NSN Group of Schools is affiliated to the State Board as well the CBSE. (Central Board of Secondary Education). The Vision of the schools is “To take education beyond and build a new world” The experiences that they gather beyond the classroom teach them some very vital lessons in life. So students are given enriching experiences beyond academics, beyond the textbook, beyond the classroom, which contributes to the wholesome development of the student’s personality.

The NSN Group of Schools have received the NABET Accreditation from the Quality Council of India. The schools have also received the British Council’s International School Award. NSN believes in lifting the society and thereby the nation through education. Hence, it provides education to all the strata of people in society. NSN has transformed the lives of thousands of students who were first generation learners.

NSN is a progressive institution that trains students to be rooted in their culture and tradition and yet be prepared for global citizenship. It constantly reviews, renews and reinvents its approach to education so as to be relevant in the future. The school has more than fifty Best Practices that contribute to the enhancement of the students’ personality.

The schools provide a happy, safe and secure environment that is conducive for the students, in which, joyful learning happens. The student is the nucleus of all our programs. NSN aims to bring about Holistic growth in the students. While bringing the latest pedagogical practices into the classroom, it also focuses on the social, emotional, moral, physical, aesthetic and spiritual development of the students. The HaRI values of the school develops the quality of Happiness Responsibility and Integrity in the students.

The schools have a good infrastructure. Students are provided  with all amenities and resources. Numerous opportunities are provided to students to discover their potential. Students in NSN receive horizontal exposure and vertical expertise. They are trained to develop leadership qualities. The teaching and learning process  fosters the 21st century skills. The school integrates spirituality with education so that it can foster moral and ethical values in students, teach them to differentiate right from wrong, resulting in balanced individuals who know to convert knowledge into wisdom, which leads to a society that works for the common good.