Virtual Schools are the new face of modern day school.  NSN  focusses on holistic development in children – Horizontal Exposure and Vertical Expertise. This pandemic did not deter us from providing the best exposure to children in areas other than academics too. 

“Only when you have a vision for tomorrow, you will find power and purpose in your today’s work” – Mahatria.

True to this, NSN envisioned a smooth transition for its students and staff to the newly emerging trend of online teaching.  This new comfort zone has been an enriching and transformative experience for all.  NSN surpassed the expectations of the parents and the community by its seamless online teaching and learning, keeping its vision, ‘To take education beyond and build a new world.”

Highlights of NSN Virtual School

  •          The Google Meet application and Zoom platform are used for effective online teaching and learning.
  •          The School has empowered the Staff through extensive training (Outsourced and In-house) which has enabled them to excel in online teaching by using the tools and features that are highly sought after to grab the attention of the students.
  •          The training in trending topics like Blended Learning, Synchronous and Asynchronous Learning and authentic assessment gave an edge to our staff to use the technological support extensively.
  •          Our Mentors gave their best in creating beautiful visual learning resources for our children like videos, web-links, activities, assignments, PPT presentations to engage the learners.
  •          The resources used for teaching is later shared in Google Classroom which enables the students to go through at their own pace.
  •          The Virtual platform offered a great exposure to staff as well as the students thereby encouraging active interaction and participation in the class.
  •          The wide range of activities through online teaching kindled the quest for learning and knowledge thereby enhancing student engagement.
  •          The assessments conducted through Google Classroom platform for Primary and Live exams for High School was a successful initiative. Google Forms are used to test the learners understanding of objectives.
  •          Personalised Learning Experience was provided to students who needed extra support and guidance. These sessions engaged the learners with one on one attention and focus. This way all the students are empowered and encouraged.
  •          Speaking Assessment, Reading Assessment and Oral Assessment, done virtually, enabled the teacher to give one on one attention to assess each child. The students were grouped in batches and they were very confident in answering without inhibition.
  •          The academic year 2020-2021 is truly a year of breakthroughs with many new initiatives and milestones.  Our children had “Breakthrough Sessions” every Wednesday where they experienced the Trailblazers of “The Breakthrough” authored by Ms. Megha Bajaj.  They also had the opportunity to interact with them on their success mantra.
  •          NSN handholds the students through its Student Counsellors by providing a platform to reach out to the Student Counsellors.  A one-on-one session is organised for children who are in need to ensure their emotional health.  As these sessions are kept confidential, students approach without any inhibition. The Student Counsellor’s session is planned thoughtfully based on the need of the hour to ensure the emotional well being of the students.
  •          True to its Vision, NSN focusses on the holistic development of students with a wide range of activities like Physical Education Video, Dance Videos, Art and Origami, which boosts their physical health and creativity.
  •          Student Council’s Investiture Ceremony, Teacher’s Day, Children’s Day and KG Graduation Day were a big hit in the Virtual platform,
  •          KG Talent Shows were conducted by grouping students in batches. This gave them an opportunity to develop their self-confidence.
  •          Students are encouraged to portray their talents and share it through mail in the form of videos, art work, fitness workout and so on.  These are also posted in the school’s face book page to serve as a motivation for others.
  •          The Club activities were planned extensively and conducted  online .  This year all the students had a chance to be a part of all the club’s activities and they shared their outcome through mail.
  • ·         Special Days are celebrated virtually highlighting the significance of each of them.
  •          The Correspondent addresses the parents and students through Face book as we understand that we should extend our support to our stakeholders during these testing times.
  •          The Principal addresses the students in general and also to discuss academics which helps them to think of the way forward.
  •         The Vice Principals also communicate to the students and parents through videos shared in Google Classroom which gives clarity on online learning and other extra activities of the school.
  • ·         Virtual PTM’s were conducted to brief the parents on their ward’s strength and weakness.  This gives them clarity on where they have to pitch in to their ward.
  • ·         The Will Power Drive is initiated on the fifteenth of each month with a new idea to motivate the students.
  • ·          The School’s value is set as the theme for Google Classroom and each mentor speaks about that in their virtual classes.
  • ·         Tree of Joy is an outlet for students to express their thoughts and feelings on the given topic.
  • ·         33 words – enhances the creativity and writing skill of the students.