Middle school in Chennai (Std. VI – VIII)

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NSN Schools have designed the middle school curriculum by focusing on the all-around development of the student, which includes, academics, physical education, and other non-academic activities. In grades 6-8, students deepen their knowledge and skills in the six major subjects; English, Language, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, and ICT. The primary focus is to develop self-learning and groom students to be smart and confident to face the challenges in high school. Yoga, karate, silambam, scouts & guides, etc are integrated into the mainstream curriculum to offer different dimensions to the curriculum.

The main aim of the program is to develop skills related to writing, reading, critical thinking, problem-solving, creative thinking, public speaking, fostering initiative among the students, and a desire to acquire knowledge. Skills needed for the holistic development of students’ cognitive, physical, emotional, social, and creative skills are the prime focus in every program planned for students.

Students are encouraged to read books and write book reviews as it helps strengthen language and sharpens their writing skills. It gives better command over the language, which is important to excel in communication skills. Brainstorming sessions are conducted every term to enhance the thinking skill, critical skills, and problem-solving skills of students.

Our school in Chennai offers experiential learning by engaging students in hands-on experience and reflection. The maths & science concepts are complemented with lab activities at all levels to help students to connect theories and knowledge learned in the classroom to real-world situations.

Projects are planned to integrate knowledge and skills acquired by students in various subjects and serve as a concrete step towards developing inter-disciplinary approaches in later years. Projects, presentations, role-play and group activities are part of the learning process.

Intra-school cultural and sports competitions encourage healthy competition and team spirit. Students participate in class assemblies, Annual Day program and take up roles of responsibility. Community service is offered through school-initiated programs. Students have joined hands to contribute to several noble causes.

Physical education is offered in a more formal manner and sports skills are fine-tuned. This prepares students to pursue sports in a more structured way and to excel in the game chosen by them.

There are various clubs, academic and non-academic. Every student should be part of two clubs. The activities are designed to provide opportunities for self-expression, to enhance life skills, build up self-confidence and meet the challenges of a competitive world.

For CBSE only:

Second language: Std VI & VII – Tamil;  STD VIII – Tamil/ Hindi

Third language: Std VI & VII – Hindi / Sanskrit; Std VIII – Tamil/ Hindi/Sanskrit


The International School Award (ISA) instituted by British Council is a program that fosters the exchange of ideas and knowledge between schools at an international level. The objective is to create global awareness in students. It aims to instill team building, innovation, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. It creates an opportunity to explore and acquire more information about other countries through various projects. The students are actively and creatively engaged through these projects. It also helps students develop awareness about the language and culture of other countries and also develop confidence in communicating with people from different backgrounds.

Math Lab

The school has a Math Lab where the emphasis is on learning by doing. An integral part of the Math Lab is the manipulation of objects. Through manipulating concrete materials, the student is able to bridge the gap between real and abstract concepts.

Spell Bee & Mental Math

Spell bee and Mental Math are conducted every month to develop the spelling of students and to improve their speed in Maths. Certificates are given to those who score full marks.

Physical Literacy Program

This is an innovative interdisciplinary approach to exercise combining strength, yoga, and dancercise. It combines fitness with sporting skills to groom the child’s multiple intelligences using methods of embodied learning. It also works on the optimal well-being of the students by bringing a balance between the body, mind, and soul.NSN continues to provide a holistic environment through a digital solution to engage, educate and inspire our students.

Value-based middle school education in Chennai

Opportunities are provided to students to become smart and confident. Age-appropriate values and social skills are inculcated. NSN incessantly works on transforming the core of the individual through the spiritual practice of non-doing. The students sit in non-doing before the start of the day, for 11 minutes, to calm down and start afresh. This practice, over the years, will create self-awareness in them and enable them to choose what is right over what is easy and convenient. The Culture & Ethos of the school also has a transformative impact on the students and the teachers.

A student who completes Middle school would have acquired the 21st-century skills, would be an independent learner, would have had horizontal exposure through non-academic activities, and would be competent to receive vertical expertise that is required in middle school in Chennai.

Middle School Timing in Chennai

Monday to Friday

Other than Monday – 8.50 am to 3.10 pm

On Monday – 8.50 to 4.20 pm