Correspondent’s Message

The  Golden  Jubilee  of   a   school   is   a   matter     of     great     joy    for    everyone    connected        with        the  institution,  not  only for those in the present,   but   even   for  those  who  were  connected  to  it  in  the  past.  A  school  holds         priceless         memories  for  those  who   have   left   its   portals  and  made  a  mark  for  themselves  in  the  world. NSN is one such school that has touched several lives and made a difference, as it also by and large caters to the underprivileged in society. While  mentioning  this,  we  need  to  understand  under what circumstance the school was started. When  the  founder  had  a  tryst  with  destiny,  she  did  not  stay  put,  rather,  she  picked  up  the  threads  of  her  life  and  moved  forward  in  life.  At  a time when women hardly entered college, here was a lady who was a post graduate and also an entrepreneur. The fifty year journey of NSN Schools, has been punctuated with challenges in various forms. The undaunted spirit  of  the  founder  saw  it  through.  Today’s  celebration is in a way the celebration of the spirit of this woman who never gave up in life. Many a valuable lessons have been learnt from her life. NSN has always had the courage to stand by its conviction to enforce what is right, even when the whole world believed that a wrong committed by many  was  right.    In  the  long  run,  right  always  triumphs  over  what  is  wrong.  A  new  culture  was  thus  born.  NSN  has  always  believed  in  an  education  that  is  man  making.  Hence  a  lot  of  stress  is  laid  on  working  on  the  sensibilities  of  children,  ensuring  they  are  law  abiding  and  contributing  citizens,  making    learning  happen  beyond   the   classroom.   A   better   society   can   emerge only if children are taught to look beyond “Me, mine & myself.” The main pillars of strength have been the teachers and   parents   of   the   school.   When   everybody   else  was  chasing  marks  and  focusing  only  on  results,  NSN  was  always  chasing  the  big  dream  of building a new and a better world through its students.  Hence  it  focused  on  the  wholesome  development  of  its  students’  personality,  which  meant that the school insisted on students being morally    upright,  socially  aware  and  spiritually  rooted  individuals.  This  objective  of  the  school  was ably supported by the parents through their implicit Faith in everything that NSN did. At this juncture  I  would  like  to  thank  the  parents  for  their unflinching support. With  the  invasion  of  technology,  teaching  is  no  more  as  easy  as  it  was.  Children  are  easily  distracted,  so  the  teacher  has  to  be  adept  in  ensuring  that  children  stay  focused  in  class.  Moreover  the  pull  from  the  world  is  very  strong  and its influence on children is undeniably great that the teacher has to necessarily win the trust and confidence of her students. That they have been  able  to,  is  amply  evident  from  what  the  alumni of NSN have to tell about their teacher’s influence in their life. I owe a big thank you to the teachers for taking the school towards its vision.“To  Take  Education  Beyond  and  Build  a  New  India”  is  the  Vision  of  the  school.  True  to  its  Vision the school has been providing innumerable experiences for the students beyond the text book, beyond  academics  and  beyond  the  classroom  which  helps  them  to  grow  into  a  wholesome  personality.  Education  is  not  all  about  marks,  rather it is more about preparing oneself for life. Though  we  live  in  a  knowledge  society,  NSN  is  known  for  its  uncompromising  attitude  towards  Values & discipline, as it is as important as skill & knowledge. It focuses on the inner strength of the child, expansion of the mind, provides horizontal exposure  and  vertical  expertise  and  enables  the  child  to  not  only  discover  his  potential,  but  to  also  discover  himself  in  the  process.  In  short,  it  works on the “being” as well as the “becoming” of the child. NSN  has  always  been  a  trailblazer.  Its  practices  are unique. It has never been one in the crowd. It  has  always  believed  in  the  need  for  timeless  wisdom  and  the  implementation  of  the  same  in  education, realising the fact that when everything about this world has changed, the wisdom of the past continues to be relevant to all Ages. The core of an individual is strengthened by the alignment with  which  he  lives  his  life.    It  is  our  desire  to  provide  such  an  education  to  our  children.  As  mahatria once said, “An individual finds a Cause and  carries  the  Cause  forward.  A  time  comes  when  the  Cause  starts  carrying  the  individual  forward.  NSN  is  a  Cause…”  True  to  His  words,  the Cause called NSN is carrying all of us forward to build a better world!!!