The whole of Science is nothing more than a refinement of everyday thinking.
– Albert Einstein

The Galileo Science Club was inaugurated by Mrs.ShubhaGarimella Subramanian, a freelance author, teacher, councellor and educator.   She delivered a motivational  speech on why students have to pursue science.

r5Science involves a lot of communication with other people.  It develops patience and perseverance in children. Science involves a lot of communication with other people.  It develops patience and perseverance in children.

Science is the perfect subject to complement a child’s natural curiosity.  Science is a systematic enterprise that creates, builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the universe.

“Ability when subjected to systematic training becomes proficiency”.   – Mahatria.

r6Science sparks ideas in the minds of the children that they too would one day be capable of creating solutions to problems in society.  NSN always encourages “learning by doing”. It strongly believes that students can learn and remember things better if they do it and practice rather than by just reading it.

The Galileo Science Club has successfully motivated and strengthened the scientific capability of the students.  The Club in its endeavour has implemented several planned initiatives and let the children experience to explore science  through the activities.

The competitions conducted by the club at various levels are

I & II Ø Healthy Food Habits – Elocution
III – V Ø Role of Science in Daily Life

Ø Simple Experiments

VI-VIII Ø Talk  On A Topic

Ø Simple Circuits (Model Making)

Ø Topic Twist

Ø PPT – Genetic Engineering

XI  & XII Ø PPT – Carbon Foot Print.  (Trace)

Ø Theatre Show – Movie Making On Social Behavior Of Animals.

A guest lecture was arranged by our club.  Mr.Nishanth and   Mr.Ravikumar, alumni of NSN, the NGO from “Save Our Earth For Next Generation” explained how animals should be treated, with a message – “Animals are our friends, do not harm them”.

Our students participated in many inter-school competitions and actively took part in debate, discussion, model making, PPT etc.  They also have won many prizes and awards.

To enrich the scientific knowledge of our students, we encouraged our students to participate in large numbers in the  Jantar – Mantar test which was conducted in the month of December for the students of Classes VI to XII.

Many of our students in Std. XI attended the “Inspire Science Camp” conducted by SSN Engineering College to enhance their self expression, independent research and creative thinking.The Club presentation, Magic of Science 2016 took place on 11th March 2016, which included activities like Model Making – Working and Non-working, Demonstration On Chemical Reactions, a Pictorial Representation of Systems in Human Body with enthusiastic participation of students from class VI – IX.

Invariably, the scientific temper of a nation depends on the extent to which the scientific knowledge is applied by its young citizen.  With this as our goal, we will certainly continue to enable every student in developing critical thinking and the development of scientific and rational outlook.