• Promotions are decided at the teachers’ Council and the decision of the Principal with regard to promotion after the Annual Examination will be final and will not be ordinarily reconsidered. Parents are requested not to approach either the class teacher or any other school authority with such requests. Violation of this rule will be seriously dealt with.
  • A pupil who uses unfair means during Test / Examination will be given ZERO in the subject and debarred from the exam. Repetition of unfair means will make the pupil liable for dismissal.
  • A student failing to appear for examination / tests will not be re-examined on any account. Results will be declared depending on the student’s performance during the year
  • Absence from a complete subject excludes a student from being reckoned in the order of merit or rank in the examination, no mark being given for the subject the student was absent. (IX – XII)
  • Promotion will be considered taking into account the work of the pupil during the whole year instead of the final alone. This gives an incentive to the pupil to study right from the beginning of the year. Parents are requested to encourage the same.