Online Workshop on “Design Thinking” by Dr. Gita Krishna Raj

Online group discussion on “Synchronous and Asynchronous Lesson Mapping” by Ms. Kadambari, Chrysalis, EZ Vidya Pvt. Ltd.

Online workshop on "21st Century Skills", for the new mentors by Mrs. Radhamani.

Online Session on "Flipped classroom" for the new mentors of Std. VI to XII by Ms. Dimple.


Online training session for the primary mentors handling WoW by Ms.Megha Bajaj.

Online Session on “Development of Children & Play Based Activities” for Primary Mentors by Special Educator.

Online training session on ‘WOW’ conducted by Dr. Nidhi Gupta for KG teachers.

Online “Initial Professional Development” session by Mr. Aditya Swaminathan, and Mr. Kamalesh, Chrysalis, EZ Vidya Pvt. Ltd for Primary handling mentors-19-06-21

Online Workshop on “Science of Learning” by Ms.Meenakshi Krishnaraj for Std. IX and X handling mentors – 19-06-21

Online Workshop on “Creation of Rubrics” by Ms.Meenakshi Krishnaraj for Std. VIII and IX handling mentors-17-06-21

Workshop on “Interdisciplinary Teaching” for Std. VI and VII mentors by Ms. Meenakshi Krishnaraj-15-06-2021

Workshop on “Teachers as Facilitators” conducted by Ms. Meenakshi Krishnaraj-12-06-2021

Workshop on MIKIDS orientation for KG teachers by Mr. Prithvirajan, SIP ACADEMY-11-06-2021 & 12-06-2021 

Workshop on “Student Engagement” by Ms.Meenakshi Krishnaraj -10-06-2021

Workshop on “Assessments” by Ms.Meenakshi Krishnaraj -09-06-2021

Workshop on Reading by Mrs.Savitha - 26-05-2021