“The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, buttheir inward significance”.

r16Education in “Art” is an integral part of the development of each human being. It provides the learners with non-academic motivation, aesthetic awareness, cultural exposure, creativity etc. Sruthilaya Fine Arts Club always appreciates and explores the hidden skills, talents and sprit of the students by bringing them together we work with a Vision and a Mission. Sruthilaya Fine Arts Club was inaugurated on 23rd June 2015 by Guru.Smt.KanchanaJanardhanan, Director of Mayura School of Classical Dances, Chennai. She motivated the students through her thought-provoking speech. She conveyed the message that  extra-curricular activities like Fine Arts and Visual Arts play an important role in a student’s life. They enable them to have holistic development by achieving       Co-ordination, concentration and mental relaxation.


I&II Vegetable Printing
III-V Cotton Art (Two in a team)
Paper Crush Art
VI-VIII Diya and Pot Painting
Patriotic song (Four in a Team)
IX-X Jewellery Making
Rangoli (Two in a Team)
XI&XII Coffee.  Mug Painting

Beat ‘O’ Mania – Western Music (5 in a team)

We conducted a number of competitions that are listed below:

Mrs. SumathiMurugan from NSN Chrompet demonstrated the art of making cushion cover with cotton cloth. In another session Mrs. Gowri Raman taught the students to make beautiful flowers with different colours of woollen thread.

In the session titled “ Best Out of Waste” Mrs. Nappinai from NSN Chitlapakkam shared the art of making cymbals with old newspapers, straws, bottle caps, card board and string.

The session was fruitful to students as they learnt one more way to make wealth out of waste.

r17Apart from this students have learnt straw art, glass painting, lamp making, recycling old T-shirts, embossed painting, sand paper painting, making greeting cards. They also learnt the art of making flowers out of stockings and balloons, table top holders and Bonsai golden tree. They were also taught to make  items for Diwali, Christmas and Pongal out of colour paper. Sruthilaya Club Day was celebrated on 8.03.16 as “UTSAV 2016” with grandeur. Students from classes VI to IX displayed their creative works which included craft items taught during club activities. Some of them were paper crafts, Art out of ice cream sticks, pencil sketches, glass paintings, bestout of waste etc. Students learnt to explore their talents in a creative way by making use of available resources.

Thus the club provided the right platform for the students to showcase their talents. It also gave an enriching experience and inspiration to students, making them more confident and competitive.