List Of Courses After The 10th Standard

List of Courses after 10th Standard

List of courses after the 10th standard

Most students would be unsure about which vocation to pursue after passing their board examinations. Tenth grade is the most crucial moment in one’s life so it must be treaded carefully while deciding on a professional route. There are several solutions accessible, and the conundrum can drive the students insane. To assist you in overcoming such a quandary, this blog is written to support you in selecting the appropriate course/stream. After completing tenth grade, students can obtain an overview of courses to pick from. Let’s take a deeper look at the list of courses after the 10th standard and learn everything there is to know about it. First, let’s talk about the most popular courses.

Here is the list of courses after the 10th standard

1. Science stream

Science Stream is one of the greatest options on the list of courses after the 10th standard in India. It can be beneficial for individuals who desire to become Engineers, Doctors, Scientists, Pilots, Teachers, Professors, Chemists, Nurses, Loco Pilots, and members of the Indian Navy and Air Force, among others. There are 2 groups in Science Stream. One is Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and the other in Biology, Physics, and Chemistry. It aids in the development of a creative mentality and problem-solving abilities. It is beneficial to become a technical master. For science students, it is simple to build a career that pays well.

2. Arts stream

Arts is the finest track for those who aspire to be teachers, lawyers, anchors, professors, or get into Politics. History, Geography, English, Psychology, Economics, Political Science, Sociology, Sanskrit, and Philosophy are just a few of the courses available in Arts. Students can join any of the aforementioned after completing their 12th in Arts Stream.

3. Commerce stream

Commerce Stream is ideal for people who wish to become Chartered Accountants, Professors, Bank POs, Teachers, Finance Managers, Bank Managers, Stock Brokers, Marketing Managers, Economists, Cost Accountants, Accountants Executives, Human Resources Managers, and many more. Business Studies, Statics, Economics, Mathematics, English, Computer, Accountancy, and more subjects are available under the Commerce Stream. Following the list of courses after the 10th standard, let us take a look at the technical diploma courses.

4. Diploma in Engineering

Students can choose any of the three-year diploma programs in engineering. Short-term diploma and certificate courses after the tenth grade add value to one’s qualifications and can help one’s career. Students should pick suitable options after the 10th standard to realize their objectives and aspirations, which might range from earning a diploma in engineering to becoming a beauty and hair artist. Most common diploma courses after class 10th are Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Information Technology, Fabrication Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Production Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering, Mining Engineering, and Biomedical Engineering Those who choose to pursue a degree after gaining some job experience can enroll in a variety of short-term certificate and diploma programs after class 10th in order to be directly placed in reputable organizations. Students who want to boost their resumes might take advantage of any of the certificate courses offered after 10th grade.

List of Courses after the 10th Standard

5. ITI Courses

ITI is an acronym for Industrial Training Institute, and it is well-known for its job-oriented training programs. The primary goal of ITIs is to inculcate skills in students and prepare them to become a strong workforce so that they may find work. ITI programs often last a year or two. The length of the course, however, is determined by the nature of the course. Some of the courses for ITI are Draftsman, Laboratory Technician, Fashion Designing, Fireman and Disaster Relief, Denture Maker, Facilities Management, Legal/ Para-Legal Assistant, Photography, Logistics Assistant, Nutrition Assistant, Event Management, Airline Steward, Horticulture, Baking & Confectioning, Desktop Publishing, Food Technician, Chemical Plant Operator, Dairy Management, IT and Electronics Maintenance.

6. Medical Courses

One cannot opt for degree courses after the 10th standard. However, if a student wants to pursue a career in medicine after finishing 10th grade, look into the courses available after that. Some of the common courses are Diploma in Rural Healthcare, Diploma in Paramedic Nursing, Pathology Lab Technician, Diploma in Hospital Assistance, Certificate of Nursing Assistance, and Diploma in Nursing Assistance.

7. Paramedical Courses

It is about Health Care Courses for people who want to provide clinical services to patients. The Paramedical Diploma Course lasts two years and they are DMLT- Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology, DHFM – Diploma in Hospital Food Service Management, and DOT – Diploma in Ophthalmic Technology.

8. Travel and Tourism

India’s tourism industry is expanding at a rapid pace. According to the World Travel Council, the country boasts one of the world’s fastest-growing travel industries. As a result, there is a lot of scope after the 10th standard, students can enroll in the top travel and tourism schools and pursue a profession that is distinct from the norm. Some of the courses are a Diploma in Restaurant & Hotel Management, Diploma in Food & Beverage Management, Diploma in Hotel Stores Management, Diploma in Food Technology, Diploma in Hospitality Management, Diploma in Front Office & Reception Management, and Diploma in Food & Beverage Production.

9. IT & Computer Technology

Students can find the courses in IT & Computer Technology courses after the 10th. Students can get an entry-level job through these courses, and with a little experience, they can go on to higher-level courses like the Diploma. Certificate Course in Diploma in Hardware Maintenance, Search Engine Marketing, Certificate in Social Media Management, Diploma Computer Technician, and Certificate in Search Engine Optimization are all courses that we can provide.


Choosing the future should begin with self-analysis rather than relying on the views of others. We have shared in this blog a list of courses after the 10th standard which will narrow down your choices according to your choice. Don’t let conventional thinking limit the options for students, and search for advice to keep in mind when deciding on a job. Students’ priorities must be considered and the advice of teachers must be always considered. Schools such as NSN Schools have highly qualified teachers who can advise parents on the best courses for their children. Maintain an open mind in order to evaluate options. Perform a SWOT Analysis (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat, Analysis) or seek the assistance of a Career Advisor. Inquire about your concerns with others who are already in the profession. Concentrating on personal hobbies will assist students in improving academic achievement. Conduct thorough research on every conceivable path that is best for students.

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