I would like to thank Correspondent, Principal, Vice principal and entire staff for the hard work and commitment towards developing students of NSN.


I have attended the reach out program, Its great to see the motivating Vision and Mission and the core concepts of education in NSN. I too strongly believe that students needs to be nurtured on self confidence, courage, respecting elders and peers, helping others, social responsibility etc. beyond the academic marks. The real world will have lot of surprises when they go out of the school. The way you have designed the curriculum will certainly help to overcome all the obstacles if they sincerely follow!

Punctuality! one of the key quality everyone need to get rid of many issues and key enabler for success! Discipline, Life skills, personality development, Safety awareness, cleanliness, fitness, healthy food, social responsibility etc. etc. will naturally groom a person to win any situation and to live a happy life for themselves and care for the society.

NABET accreditation is another great idea to incorporate to make ourselves to do systematic, disciplined process to achieve Quality in everything at NSN.

Another wonderful thing to shape our mind and character is “Infinitheism” which gives us confidence, self introspection and believe in ourselves! This is truly beyond any religion’s path.
I read each months Magazine without fail, especially the “Handwritten” editorial page by Mahatria.

I sincerely wish each NSN student to become future of the World!


Dear Ma’am,

NSN has always stood close to my heart when I think about my past memories at school. In the path of my life’s journey from being a medical aspirant to entering into a prestigious Government medical college, NSN has supported me tons! I would like to thank the school management for their belief in developing students in a holistic way. I still remember the confidence and optimism our respected Principal mam had given me. I would sincerely thank my school teachers for believing in me at times when I did lose hope!!! This success journey will surely be incomplete without ‘NSN’. To my juniors, I would advice this- Believe in yourself, study and work hard! The rest will be taken care by God!!!

Thanking you,
Adhiti Shetty