Tips For Choosing Schools In Chennai

Tips For Choosing Schools In Chennai

The most crucial stage in a person’s life is education. Everything they are as adults stems from their education. Choosing the appropriate school for your child may make or break his or her academic future. It is critical to understand what to look for in a school to guarantee that your child obtains the finest education available for their individual requirements.

Let’s take a look at tips for choosing schools in Chennai

Chennai is a metropolitan city and it is crucial that you enroll your child in one of the best schools in Chennai. Here are some tips for choosing schools in Chennai.

Curriculum and co-curricular activities

Everything your kid studies and encounter throughout their formative years will stay with them for the rest of their lives. Schools are designed to provide pupils with the basic skills that they will need throughout their lives, whether it be research methodologies or business tactics. The finest schools for your child should have an unambiguous curriculum, excellent teachers who can lead the class successfully while remaining approachable at all times, and a mix of academics and co-curricular activities so that children do not become bored easily. The curriculum and co-curricular activities play a significant role when you are choosing schools in Chennai.

Student-teacher ratio

The student-teacher ratio is another crucial factor to consider when choosing a school for your child. Schools with a low student-teacher ratio are recommended because they allow for more activities in the classroom. Teachers may also provide students one-on-one attention. It is also crucial to evaluate the student-to-teacher proportion at the new school. If your child does not have access to proper teachers, he or she may miss out on opportunities to grow as an individual and may not stand out in a crowd. With limited class capacity at NSN Schools, every child is focused on and given individual attention by devoted instructors, therefore the possibility of your kid falling behind is completely removed. The NSN Group of schools has a devoted and experienced team of instructors that work tirelessly for the success of their pupils.

Tips For Choosing Schools In Chennai

Core Values of The School

A school’s pedagogical philosophy is crucial. So, before enrolling your child in a school, it’s a good idea to discover more about their educational philosophy. It will be interesting to learn if they place a focus on academic accomplishment or whether they help children grow and flourish as a whole. NSN Group of schools promotes students’ complete development. It emphasizes the students’ social, emotional, moral, physical, aesthetic, and spiritual growth while introducing the most contemporary educational methodologies into the classroom. The HaRI values of the school instill in students the virtues of Happiness, Responsibility, and Integrity. Selecting the best schools in Chennai would need a great deal of patience and research, as well as a thorough search for core values because a child has every right to receive the greatest education possible.

Teaching and learning style

The educational style of a teacher can also influence a student’s capacity to learn and comprehend. NSN Chromepet is among the best schools in Chromepet offering a Matriculation syllabus. NSN Chitlapakam is among the best schools in Chitlapakam which is a CBSE-focused school. Both these schools follow a child-centric approach to education.

Hygiene And Cleanliness

When it comes to selecting a school, the atmosphere is sometimes overlooked. If the school is well-kept, it will be a safe environment for your child to study and play with other children his age. The first thing parents should look at is the hygiene of the premises Cleaning entails more than simply keeping the area neat. It also entails ensuring that all equipment, including furniture such as tables and benches, is thoroughly cleaned before and after use. There should be a sufficient number of operational toilets. In these Pandemic times, it is critical to select a school that focuses on Covid safety and adheres to all precautions.

Discipline And Infrastructure

Schools should have strong levels of discipline as well as education. There should not be a situation in which the education and academics are excellent but the children are underdeveloped. Choosing a school for your child involves not just academics but also other equally essential considerations such as student and teacher discipline. To summarise, a variety of factors determine how a school influences your child’s growth and development. The happiness of a child while learning at a school is what distinguishes it as the ideal school. Adequate-sized playgrounds for games and sporting events and classrooms that are inspirational, orderly, and well-maintained are some of the infrastructure-related aspects that you should consider. The NSN schools take well care of all the aspects related to discipline and infrastructure.


The above-mentioned tips for choosing schools in Chennai will assist you in making a better informed and easy selection. This implies that you may compare the performance of the best-performing schools in Chennai with each other. There are various schools in Chennai, and you should select one that has a remarkable academic record. The greatest schools create excellent alumni, with the majority going on to have successful professions make a choice that meets all of your requirements and will set your kid apart from others.

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