Why NSN is the Ideal Choice?

Why NSN is the Ideal Choice

Why NSN Schools are the ideal choice for your children?

Founded in 1968, N.S.N Matriculation Higher Secondary school, Chromepet, serving society for more than half a century, has now become the top choice of students for education. NSN Memorial School, which started in 2012, affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), is located in Chitlapakkam, offering excellent education for young talents.

We provide a choice of two boards, Matriculation and CBSE syllabus, to our students with excellent examination results in both boards.

Our teaching and learning approach is the cornerstone of our syllabus that aims at giving opportunities to NSNites to discover their passion and support them in creating a better world.

The Educational principle of the NSN Group of Schools aims at empowering the students to be real change-makers in society. It nurtures young people in academics and equips them to face challenges in the world. In addition to teaching them textbook lessons, we are imparting various skills and knowledge to make them confident individuals and responsible citizens.

Our schools aims at a holistic learning approach that focuses on the education and social needs of the learner; therefore we follow a balanced method to studies and extracurricular activities and have a proven track record in academics and extracurricular activities. We have budding authors, sportspersons who have represented our school at the national and international levels.

The NSN Group of Schools adopts the best research-based learning methods and induces reading habits among the children. Consequently, we have a special program called ‘DEAR Time (Drop Everything and Read)’ where students and Teachers can read their favorite books. We conduct various Discussions/Presentations in the classroom/virtual to improve the thinking and leadership skills of students. In the virtual learning scenario, to develop the above skills, instead of classroom discussions, we assign topics to students and they make video presentations on that particular topic. Thereby, we update our approach towards education constantly to meet future requirements.

The NSN Group of Schools has obtained the NABET Accreditation from the Quality Council of India. It also received the British Council’s International School Award. Our HaRI (Happiness, Responsibility, Integrity) values aim at improving the quality of happiness, responsibility, and integrity among students. These values offer a happy and healthy learning environment for our students.

We follow unique quality objectives to cater to the learning needs of children based on the age groups. To enhance the students’ personalities, discipline and punctuality we follow various practices. In our ‘Will Power Drive’ we guide the students to practice a habit for 21 days and thereby enable them to adopt the habit in life permanently.

We offer education, starting from Kindergarten to Higher Secondary with a special level of dedication and commitment and ensure that our students use all our amenities in the best possible manner. We give importance to each child and analyze every student based on their academics, emotional and physical health, attitude, leadership skills, and extra-curricular skills. It helps to understand the talent and passion of every student and nurture them to develop their talent and enhance their unique skills.

With all the required amenities and world-class infrastructure in NSN Schools, our students get a great learning experience. Our learning expertise provides various opportunities for the students to get real-world experience through several projects, practical classes, student exchange programs, and trips that offer the skills required for the employer in this 21st century.

We have experienced, talented and sincere teachers in our institution to make our students’ passion come true. Our educators are the best in the teaching industry who follow the latest teaching methodologies to teach, train, and inspire our beloved students.

The NSN Group of schools is secular and we celebrate all festivals. The school provides wholesome education to all classes of society, including first-generation learners.

We integrate spirituality with education as it fosters ethical and moral values among students. It teaches them to identify the difference between good and bad, right or wrong, which results in raising good citizens in our society.

In addition to providing monetary benefits, we make our students involved in an on-campus and off-campus social outreach program for various social awareness causes, including traffic awareness, the importance of planting trees, and much more.

Apart from all the above activities, our unique approach towards holistic education makes the NSN Group of schools the ideal choice for students.

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