Best activities for school students

Best activities for school students

A broader look into the best activities for school students

The best activities for school students range from communication to planning to share creative ideas, as well as monitoring and evaluating individual students throughout regular instruction. The NSN Group of Schools simply doesn’t hold the tag of being one of the best schools in Chennai but it provides a complete education that takes into account a child’s overall development. NSN Schools seek to provide a calm and empathetic environment, as well as to instill healthy competitiveness in students, which leads to holistic growth. Both, NSN Chromepet and NSN Chitlapakkam strive to create an inner connection via contemplation in order to feel a joyful and positive self in the arena of learning. Let’s have a glance at some of the best activities for school students that will make learning more pleasurable.

Best activities for school students of kindergarten


It is a therapeutic practice that helps kids calm down their emotions. Its goal is to awaken and improve children’s expressive skills via movement, as well as to encourage the child’s imagination.

Circle Time

Circle time is a well-planned time for children to develop a variety of skills and attitudes such as optimism, self-esteem, speaking, and listening. Circle time promotes solidarity, tolerance, taking turns, and cooperation to achieve a common goal. It makes learning more enjoyable for kids and develops the rapport between the instructor and the learner.

Talent show

Talent Shows” provide a forum for children’s abilities to be showcased, as well as to assist them to improve their communication skills and raise their confidence. It assists individuals in overcoming their barriers.

Fun Day

It is theme-based experiential learning in which children not only learn a new language but also experience a fun-filled day in an environment developed to fit the subject, which also acts as a visual delight.

Colour Day

Colour Day is all about students discussing topics relating to a specific color. It acts as a platform for improving communication abilities and gaining confidence.

Activity Day

Parents work along with their children to create models/indulge in activities that are done in class. It fosters a connection between parent and kid and provides the parent with a greater knowledge of the activity’s aim.

top activities for school students

Festival Celebration

All festivals are celebrated at schools in Chennai in order to expose children to different customs and cultures and to create a secular atmosphere. Every festival is celebrated by children with bright displays, dramas, art & craft, dance & music.

Art & Craft

Art and craft provide several chances for kids to enhance and develop fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination. It increases their self-esteem and encourages innovation and creativity. It gives them a place to let their imaginations run wild and express themselves without fear of being judged. Participating in artistic pursuits aids in the development of cognitive skills.

Free Play

Children must be given free play time to enable them to use their imagination. Through numerous activities, it improves their creativity, inventive abilities, fine motor skills, and interpersonal skills.

Outdoor Play

Outdoor play offers the necessary setting for kids to participate in physical activities. Kids learn to socialize with their classmates through games.

Project Day

Project-based learning enables students to learn with peers, along with honing their 21st-century skills. It boosts their confidence and allows them to share their knowledge with others.

Bunny Program

It is a feeder program for the Cubs & Bulbuls. “Keep Smiling,” is the motto. Its goals include instilling a love of God and environment, establishing personal hygiene and social etiquette, hearing and communicating basic linguistic messages, nurturing social values, and emphasizing mental/physical growth.

Kiddies Sports Day

Working as part of a group helps kids to improve their physical and social abilities. Sports also assist children to form bonds with their teammates and provide a sense of excitement and satisfaction. On this day, students demonstrate their abilities.

Specifically designed best activities for school students of primary, middle & high school

Spell bee & mental math

Spell Bee and Mental Math are held to help kids improve their spelling and math skills. Those who receive full marks are awarded certificates.

activities for school students


Physical literacy program

The school includes a physical literacy program that encourages students to exercise and raises awareness on health issues. It must be done in an organized way with continual monitoring, and parents are issued frequent reports. This creates a holistic environment for kids by utilizing a digital solution to engage, teach, and inspire them. Sports skills are developed through physical education. This program allows pupils to explore and enhance their physical potential. Exposure to the team and individual sports fosters kids’ skills and confidence in participating in a variety of physical activities while also instilling a feeling of team spirit, individual effort, and achievement.

Art, music, dance, and yoga

Art, music, dance, and yoga activities are intended to foster self-expression and creativity in order to enhance overall growth. Children can benefit from dance and yoga in a variety of ways, both physically and emotionally. The two occupations’ movement and quiet complement one other. Yoga aids in the maintenance of mind-body balance and enables pupils to have good mental health, attention, and concentration. Dance enhances flexibility, rapid reaction response, and physical agility by bringing rhythm to the body.

Tree of Joy

Tree of Joy is a platform for students to express their views/thoughts on various themes, that lead to a self-reflection.


Students are encouraged to Drop Everything and Read, to inculcate the habit of reading. This is done once every month right from class 1 to 12.

Will Power Drive

Students are encouraged to take up short-term goals for 21 days, as that will lead to cultivating a habit for life.

Drawing peroration on the best activities for school students

The best activities for school students fill in the gaps with simple tasks that encourage students to extend their imaginations in new areas. Regular teaching is sometimes ineffective due to a student’s lack of interest and standard classroom instruction soon bores students. They do, however, require more enjoyable and engaging activities. These activities help children create memories, improve various abilities, and think beyond the box.

The best activities encourage the child to be challenged, entertained, thrilled, and compete in a fun-filled atmosphere.

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