Best Schools in Chennai 2022

best schools in chennai 2022

Are you looking for the Best Schools in Chennai 2022?

The best schools are the ones that provide students with a route to scholastic and real-world success. We have now entered a new year, and with the ongoing pandemic, it is crucial to know which schools are rated as the best schools in Chennai 2022. Without a doubt, and without a disclaimer, this blog will clear all the confusion.

The NSN Group of Schools has designed and developed a system that provides support to students at an unimaginable degree of excellence. The NSN Group of Schools serves both the State Board and the CBSE-affiliated syllabus. When we talk about accolades, the Quality Council of India has awarded the NABET Accreditation to the NSN Group of Schools. In addition, the schools have won the British Council’s International School Award. NSN considers that education will help to lift society and thereby the nation. As a result, it educates people from various socio-economic backgrounds. Thousands of first-generation learners’ lives have been altered through this fantastic group of schools. NSN Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Chromepet, which was founded in 1968 and has been serving the society for more than half a century, has now become the preferred choice of students for education and is not only among the best schools in Chromepet area but also one of the best schools in Chennai. NSN Memorial School popularly known as NSN Chitlapakkam, founded in 2012 and affiliated to CBSE, is located in Chitlapakkam and provides quality education to kids. NSN Chitlapakkam is not only regarded as one of the best schools in Chitlapakkam but also as one of the best in Chennai.

An era of change

The unexpected emergence of a catastrophic pandemic brought all of our lives to a halt. The pandemic also made us realize how important it is to update ourselves and discover alternatives in order to keep our lives moving forward. While the rest of the world was figuring out how to combat the pandemic, the NSN group of schools was busy ensuring the future of its students. NSN aimed for a gradual transition for its students and faculty to the newly growing trend of online learning. This new zone of ease has been an enlightening and transforming experience for everyone. By providing smooth digital teaching and learning, NSN earned the respect of parents and the community. For efficient e-learning, the Google Meet application and Zoom platform were utilized. The school has strengthened the Staff via thorough training, allowing them to succeed in e-learning by utilizing highly sought-after features and technology to capture the interest of the students. The school merely charged the government-mandated fees and no additional fees were charged to pupils during the severe outbreak of the pandemic.

best schools in chennnai 2022

Striving towards a holistic approach

True to its Vision, NSN focuses on students’ holistic development through a variety of activities such as Physical Education Videos, Dance Videos, Art, and Origami, which improves students’ physical health and creativity. Students who required additional help and supervision were given a Personalized Learning Experience. These sessions provided one-on-one attention and focus to the trainees. As a result, all of the pupils feel empowered and encouraged. The Club activities were meticulously planned and carried out online. Last year, all students had the opportunity to participate in all the clubs, and they communicated their findings by mail. Special Days were virtually commemorated, emphasizing the value of each one. Tree of Joy is a platform for students to share their views and feelings about a certain topic and it was conducted online.

Practicing safety

NSN places a high value on student health and safety. They have a capable team led by a health and safety coordinator. The team is responsible for providing a safe external environment for kids. Every working day, a nurse is on duty on the campus. The student counselor assures the psychological and emotional well-being of the students. We have an 11-member POCSO committee, and all staff has been oriented on the POCSO Act. Students from the Health and Safety team stand at the entrance during entry and exit of students to ensure that traffic flows smoothly. Every term, staff, and students participate in a mock fire drill. The campus is secured and is monitored by CCTV 24/7. Visitors’ admittance is routinely controlled, and access to the school building is restricted. Stretching is done to ensure that pupils are fit. Every day, students sit without doing any activity to rest their minds before classes begin. These two are part of the regular routine. The Covid protocol has been closely observed since the outbreak of the pandemic.

An exemplary choice

People claim that outstanding schools have excellent students and instructors, as well as a fantastic environment and programs but those aren’t the only requirements. A good school does not make hollow promises, establish deceptive mission statements, or use education jargons to deceive parents and community members. It is genuine and transparent. An excellent school generates students who perceive and know themselves as individuals in their own right, instead of just tagging them as good students. When children are nurtured to recognize and appreciate their connectivity to communities, they experience life with and care for others. This is beneficial not just to the child, but also to society. The NSN Group of schools stands out in the crowd of schools and holds the tag of best schools in Chennai because of its remarkable Holistic education that opposes rote learning in order to assist students to develop critical thinking and collaborative abilities while also increasing self-confidence. Your kids deserve to study among the best schools in 2022, so make an exemplary choice and grant them wings to excel.

“The best schools cultivate pupils with exceptional learning abilities in all scenarios.”

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